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MicroVeg Newsletter, February 2017 Edition, Released

This Newsletter highlights the principles of two scaling up models: the Satellite Dissemination Approach (SDA) and the Innovation Platform (IP) that are being used by MicroVeg Project to expand the reach of agronomic and water management technologies, seed production and value addition technology. It discusses the challenges faced during scaling up activities and presents the report of activities at the IP by identifying the key issues, challenges and possible intervention to mitigate the challenges facing the actors and stakeholders. It highlights the gender and group dynamics to show level of commitment of the stakeholders at the IP and SDA levels. The activities on scaling up to schools, as well as the outcomes are also presented. Click here to read more (in pdf).

January 2017 Newsletter: Summary of Project Progress (2015-2016)

This newsletter presents the summary of our achievements to date (December 2016). We have successfully completed the baseline study and the results have been synthesized into a comprehensive report that provides full details of pre-project situation in Nigeria and Benin Republic. We have also concluded the field studies on fertilizer microdosing with impressive reports from the test locations in Nigeria and Benin. In the area of value addition and food processing, we have made good progress in producing vegetables-fortified products i.e. syrup, cookies, bread and chinchin. We are also testing storage and preservation facilities for indigenous vegetables.


The agrarian, rural and resource-poor inhabitants of Nigeria and Benin depend on indigenous edible vegetables for daily supplies of vitamins and nutrients. Since these indigenous vegetables had not been a subject of organized research, this research project was initiated to develop new technologies to improve farming practices, post-harvest handling and value addition for these indigenous vegetables. This offers tremendous opportunities for food security and economic empowerment of the poor rural population, especially the resource-poor women farmers. This project is a synergy of the Nigeria-Canada Indigenous Vegetables Project (NiCanVeg Project 106511) and the Integrated Nutrient and Water Management in the Sahel (INuWaM Project 106516). The promising results of the innovations that were developed by the two projects are being explored for complementarity to accelerate large-scale adoption and impacts of underutilized indigenous vegetable and fertilizer micro-dosing innovations to increase food and nutritional security and economic empowerment of resource-poor farming communities in Nigeria and Benin. The project has developed, tested and deployed two approaches for scaling up fertilizer micro-dosing innovations to improve production. We are to reach over 255,000 households. Click here to read more (in pdf).

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