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Akinde S.B., Abiodun A. Sunday, Folasade M. Adeyemi, Iyabobola B. Fakayode, Odunola O. Oluwajide, Adetoun A. Adebunmi, Julius K. Oloke, and Clement O. Adebooye (2016) Microbes in Irrigation Water and Fresh Vegetables: Potential Pathogenic Bacteria Assessment and Implications for Food Safety. Applied Biosafety  21(2)

Ogundele, R.A., D. J. Oyedele, O. K. Adekunle (2016) Management of Meloidogyne incognita and other phytonematodes infecting Amaranthus cruentusand Telfairia occidentalis with African marigold (Tagetes erecta) and Siam weed (Chromolaena odorata). Australasian Plant Pathology. doi:10.1007/s13313-016-0438-z.

Alao Oluwagbenga T, Odunayo C. Adebooye, Olanike F Deji, Kaothar M Idris-Adeniyi, Oluwafemi Agbola & Ahmed O Busari (2014): Analysis of the impact of production technology and gender on under-utilised indigenous vegetables production in south-western Nigeria. African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development 6(1): 51-59.

Adams, A.M., A.W. Gillespie, G.O. Kar, S. Koala, B. Ouattara, A.A. Kimaro, A. Bationo, P.B.I. Akponikpe, J.J. Schoenau, D. Peak (2016) Long term effects of reduced fertilizer rates on millet yields and soil properties in the West-African Sahel. Nutrient Cycling and Agroecosystems. doi:10.1007/s10705-016-9786-x.

Natcher, D., E. Bachmann, J. Pittman, S. Kulshreshtha, M.N. Baco, P.B.I. Akponikpe, D. Peak (2016) Knowledge Diffusion and the Adoption of Fertilizer Microdosing in Northwest Benin. Sustainable Agricultural Research.

Famuwagun AA, Taiwo KA, Gbadamosi SO, Oyedele DJ (2016) Optimization of Production of Bread Enriched With Leafy Vegetable Powder. Journal of Food Processing and Technology 7:605. or

Ayanwale, A.B., Amusan, C.A., Adeyemo V.A. and Oyedele D.J. (2016). Analysis of Household Demand for Underutilized Indigenous Vegetables. International Journal of Vegetable Science.

Ayanwale, A. B., Oyedele, D. J., Adebooye, O. C., & Adeyemo, V. A. (2011). A socio-economic analysis of the marketing chain for under-utilised indigenous vegetables in Southwestern Nigeria. African Crop Science Conference Proceedings, 10, 515–519.

Bachmann, E., Natcher, D., Kulshreshtha, S., Baco, M. N., Akponikpe, P. B. I., & Peak, D. (2016). Profitability and Institutional Constraints to the Adoption of Fertilizer Microdosing in Northwest Benin. Sustainable Agriculture Research, 5(3), 11.

Adekunle O. K., Amujoyegbe, B. J. Idowu, M. K. Oyedele, D. J. (2015) Incidence and management of plant parasitic nematodes under continuous vegetable production in a rainforest agroecology in Nigeria. Journal of horticultural science & biotechnology. Vol.90(1), p.20-24

Amujoyegbe, B.J., Oyedele, D.J., Idowu, M.K., Ayinde, J.O., and Adebooye, O.C. (2015) Adaptation of Farming Practices by the Smallholder Farmers in Response to Climate Change. J. Agric. Ext. Rural Dev. 7: 33–40.

Ayanwale, A. B., Amusan, C. A., Adeyemo, V. A., & Oyedele, D. J. (2016). Analysis of Household Demand for Underutilized Indigenous Vegetables. International Journal of Vegetable Science, (April), 1–8.

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